Values & Approach

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Building Capacity and Resilience to Navigate Uncertain Times

Uncertain Times

We face a world of uncertainty. The capacity and leadership required to think and act differently are not the same capacities we had yesterday. As soon as we have one solution, another predicament demands our attention. Dendros’ participatory approaches ensure that all perspectives are represented and that in uncertain times we hear the voices that are more likely to offer revelatory thinking.


Resilience is the capacity of an enterprise or a community to withstand shock and tolerate chaos without collapsing. A resilient community or enterprise can withstand shocks, rebuild when necessary, and anticipate and plan for the future. Dendros’ focus on building strategies that increase interconnection builds resilience and decreases isolation and risk.

Uncommon Approaches

Sometimes the most reasonable thing to do in a crisis, in hindsight, is not the best solution. We challenge groups to think innovatively and we encourage stakeholders to bring forth new ideas through a diverse range of engagement strategies, data collection techniques and facilitative leadership.

We are All in This Together

Dendros creates solutions that build the capacity of its clients and decrease their reliance on outside capacity. Dendros recognizes the interconnected nature of social innovation and seeks to be a generous partner, offering connections and resources and ideas to help build a more resilient, just and caring society.

Dendros will work with you to customize an effective work plan that builds resilience and increases your capacity. We offer our years of experience, our web of relationships and our expertise to the success of your project, whatever its size or complexity.


We operate with absolute integrity and the highest standards of quality, grounding our work in these principles:

  • Facilitative leadership that produces measurable outcomes for our clients
  • Participatory approaches that allow clients to build and sustain their own capacity
  • Actively seeking diverse perspectives, ideas, experiences and communities
  • Respecting conflict as a transformative experience
  • Fostering creativity, celebration, vision and a passion for the work
  • Creating alliances, collaborations and partnerships that produce synergy for results
  • Promoting appropriate technology that meets human and organizational needs
  • Being good stewards of all resources and supporting our community
  • Practicing ethical, principle-driven leadership that puts clients’ missions first