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Over the years I have participated in innumerable facilitated meetings, planning sessions, charettes etc. I can say without reservation that one of the very best experiences I have had has been working under the facilitation of Jonathan Bucki. His efforts and results were more remarkable for the fact that he had an extremely disparate group to work with, many of whom had never met, and came from distinctly different backgrounds. Simply put, Jonathan is one of the best I’ve ever seen.

— Alexander Zwissler, Executive Director/CEO, Chabot Space & Science Center, Oakland CA

“Suzann brings a special combination of passion and expertise into her role, along with a genuine regard for others. As an inexperienced board, we desperately needed someone to step into an interim Executive Director role, and were very fortunate to have Suzann accept the position. She quickly developed an understanding of the company’s mission, built a rapport with the team, and identified the critical factors that we as a board needed to address. She has the experience to assess many aspects of an organization, and the credibility to develop realistic solutions. I learned a tremendous amount through working with her, and would highly recommend her services to other organizations.”

— Annette Miller, Target Corporation and Board VP, Emergency Foodshelf Network

“As our Interim Executive Director, Suzann transformed our organization through building capacity and aligned our organizational chart to better serve constituents’ needs. Suzann expertly transformed internal dialogue and cross functional teams into a key organizational advantage. She focused on capacity building, both through higher resource utilization and empowering staff to tap natural talents. Suzann’s professional approach and development focus gracefully led staff ahead while changes were implemented and transitioned her role to a permanent Executive Director. I highly recommend Suzann and her team at Dendros. I can’t imagine the transition process without her.”

— Brian Erickson, Board President, Emergency Foodshelf Network

Forming a new division/work group that brings together teams with long histories that didn’t include previous collaboration can be a challenging task. The Dendros Group, especially Jonathan Bucki, provided thoughtful, creative, responsive leadership as we blended our entities into an integrated, effective working division. He helped us focus on efficient ways to achieve our purpose, on identifying the jobs needed for our future work, and on ensuring staff have the right responsibilities to bring out their skills and talents. The work was logically transformative and we could not have done it without Jonathan’s expertise and gentle guidance.

— Carol Thomas, Director Safety, Health & Nutrition MN Dept of Education

The Dendros participatory approach brings together diverse perspectives to find creative solutions to difficult problems.

— Commissioner Jim McDonough, Ramsey County

“Suzann, I wanted to let you know how much the YCB board appreciates your work and that of your staff in the time you spent as our Transition Director. Your attention to detail, concern for ongoing relationships, and passion for young people was certainly apparent – while I know your term was not always easy, you helped keep us on track in difficult times. Thank you for this!”

— Councilmember Elizabeth Glidden, Minneapolis City Council, Board Chair, Minneapolis Youth Coordinating Board

The Dendros Group came to our rescue in style. We will always remember Dendros for the leadership and inspiration they provided…

— Cynthia Savage, CEO, Circle of Parents

“Jonathan Bucki is a skilled and engaging facilitator. He possesses great ability to build a group’s sense of ownership and participation. Their commitment results in a stronger, more action oriented organization that can sustain its efforts. Diverse perspectives are heard and valued. The results are top notch.”

— Jan Berry, President, MACC Alliance of Connected Communities

Suzann Eisenberg Murray was instrumental for Families Moving Forward and our journey to new beginnings. Her transformational leadership style was critical in our success and in helping FMF define and reach the outcomes we had set forth in our strategic plan. I highly recommend Suzann as interim executive director. Dendros was the wisest investment we made as a nonprofit. The ROI was the difference between shutting our doors and opening new doors to our bright new future, not only as a strong entity, but for the homeless families we serve, as well.

— Juli Baecker, Board Chair, Families Moving Forward

Jonathan and Suzann of the Dendros Group represent the best of the participatory process. Their process was customized to fit the needs and capabilities of our organization and our staff. From the initial crafting of the idea to the completion of a plan, they worked with us every step of the way, stretching our own internal capacity.

— Julie I Johnson, John Roe Distinguished Chair of Museum Leadership, Science Museum of Minnesota

Suzann is a talented, thoughtful and inspirational leader who takes on even the most complex challenges with the kind of energy, grace and experience needed to get the job done right – for the benefit of her client and the entire community. She was an invaluable resource to our Board and staff in the turnaround of the Way to Grow Program in Minneapolis.

— Keith Halleland, Halleland and Habicht

Dendros was invaluable in our recent search for a new Executive Director. Suzann and her team supported both a very rigorous process and aggressive schedule delivering at every step. Their commitment to inclusiveness and communication resulted in a very satisfied staff and Board and a top-notch hire within 90 days. Additionally, Suzann’s stewardship of the agency as Interim ED through the search process achieved seamless service delivery with absolutely no impact on the high quality Simpson is known for.

— Kim Mueller, Board Member and Search Committee Chair, Simpson Housing Services

It is exciting to see the many ways in which The Dendros Group has informed the work of the Science Museum of Minnesota. I see the ongoing impact our experiences with Jonathan and Suzann in the ways in which we brainstorm, in the resources we seek, and in the tools we use. The most significant changes, however, are the shifts toward more participatory processes in our everyday work and greater leadership in identifying and measuring the impact of our work. It is refreshing to work with a company like The Dendros Group that strives to work itself out of a job; and it is transformative to be part of an organization that has benefited from this approach.

— Kirsten Ellenbogen, Director, Evaluation and Research in Learning, Science Museum of Minnesota

We needed to find the right facilitator to lead a group of strategic planners through a strategic planning process. The Dendros Group provided a skilled, sensitive approach to engage our Board of Directors in a supportive and challenging process. When we completed our plan we were a stronger organization. Thank you, Jonathan and Suzann, for never being business as usual. You inspire us.

— Kirsten Ellenbogen, President, Visitor Studies Association

Working with Dendros has at once, been both a personal and a professional pleasure. The team brings a unique spirit, a tenacious discipline, and through the use of influence and negotiation, makes functioning bodies of amorphous alliances. I offer my highest recommendation for their work.

— Lissa Jones, Executive Director, African American Family Services

Suzann Eisenberg Murray and the Dendros Group made a powerful impact for Families Moving Forward! She brought her energy, her wisdom and her passion for doing important work in the community. She quickly assessed our organizational strengths and opportunities and put together a plan for us to move forward, increasing our capacity to serve homeless families in the twin cities. I recommend her and her organization highly!

— Lori Riley, Target Corporation

The Dendros Group is a great resource to the nonprofit community. Having worked with Suzann and Jonathan on several projects, I admire the intellectual and creative capital they bring to planning and implementation and I appreciate their spirit of positive inquiry and problem solving.

— Molly Greenman, President and CEO, Family Partnership

Jonathan Bucki at Dendros Group is a masterful guide in strategic group processes. He helps leaders establish their shared vision and carefully and forcefully helps them develop a road map to success. His touch is gentle and wise. I recommend him with enthusiasm.

— Peter Peter Benson, PhD, President & CEO, Search Institute

Simply put, Suzann Eisenberg Murray and the Dendros Group are amazing! From the chaos created by a series of calamities, Suzann emerged as a ray of hope that inspired all of us working to revitalize Way to Grow in Minneapolis Her clear, values-driven leadership helped us create a better organization that is more in touch with its customers and more focused on getting results that matter. Overall, Suzann is an incredible leader who can energize people to achieve a common goal… I strongly recommend her.

— R.T. Rybak, Mayor, City of Minneapolis

The Dendros team showed integrity, diligence, compassion and excellent follow-through on an extraordinarily complicated organizational assessment. Their recommendations to us were responsive to the data and forced the Board to address issues we had been avoiding.

— Richard Wilkinson, PATH, Inc. Former Board Chair, ICA-USA

Jonathan’s deep level of insight helped our company (and me) reach a new direction. He is a strategic thinker, trusted adviser, energizing coach, and role model who challenges how I look at the world, live my life, and do my work. His courageous and natural vulnerability in his coaching is contagious and continues to inspire me.

— Rob Yedlin, President, Cloud 9 Pixels

“Suzann’s work is nothing short of amazing. She brings to each project her boundless energy, impeccable integrity, concentrated focus, expansive knowledge and expertise, as well as her humanity and endearing sense of humor. She came to our organization at a time of difficult transition, where we felt de-railed and in chaos, and by her willingness to listen and engage all stakeholders in the process, quickly built a strong team from among our own ranks, re-connected us to our core values and put us, and our resources, back on track in the direction of our original vision, passion and mission. I cannot recommend her highly enough!”

— Sarah McClellan, Director of Programs and Training, Women of Nations

Suzann, I want you to know that I am very grateful for the time, energy, and passion that you gave to EFN. We needed you desperately! The change in both structure and spirit that you led continues to be remarkable. It is a fantastic feeling to be hopeful about the future of our organization. Thank you for all you taught me. I certainly consider your time at EFN a gift.

— Sophia Lenarz-Coy, Program Manager, Emergency Foodshelf Network

“I have now served on two boards to whom Dendros provided services – the first was an organization undergoing dissolution and in profound turmoil. Dendros’ facilitative leadership, called the organization back to its values, guided us successfully through the chaos and ensured strong attention to the business and legal details of the dissolution. In the transition to the new organization, the Dendros team helped us create a more robust collaboration of city, county and community organizations. Thanks to Dendros, we were able to quickly come to consensus on mission, priorities and future direction.”

— Susan Haigh, President, Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity

“I have had the pleasure of collaborating with the Dendros team on several projects over the past years, and they are consistently highly respectful, engaging, and professional. A great team to work with!”

— Suzanne Koepplinger, Executive Director, Minnesota Indian Women’s Resource Center

I watched Suzann Eisenberg Murray take two different organizations that were in complete chaos and quickly assess the problems, devise solution paths and take both organizations down those paths successfully. Suzann works hand-in-hand with volunteer leadership, funders and staff seeking suggestions and encouraging appropriate actions that she weaves together for a successful solution. When she walks away, she has left behind a clear path to the future that volunteers and staff can follow independently. She is the right person to help any organization get out of very difficult situations.

— Terri Barreiro, Director, McNeely Center for Social Entrepreneurship