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Helping and inspiring people who want to do good work well.

We face a world of uncertainty. The capacity and leadership required to think and act differently are not the same capacities we needed yesterday. As soon as we have one solution, another predicament demands our attention. Dendros’ participatory approaches ensure that all perspectives are represented and that in uncertain times we hear the voices that are more likely to offer revelatory thinking.

Towards results that matter, Dendros supports and partners with organizations in all stages of their life cycle with customized services focused in the areas of:

Participatory Planning & Facilitation

Participation is critical to the success of an innovative enterprise. Money, energy and time are wasted when planning processes do not engage the right stakeholders in the right ways. Furthermore, a deep cynicism or sense of helplessness can be the legacy of years of status quo thinking and behavior, thwarting countless attempts to do things differently or to implement a new plan.

Participation is not a magic bullet but it is an often overlooked, key component of successful planning efforts. , It takes forethought and skills to achieve the desired aims. Dendros designs participatory processes that pay attention to the context of the organization, the environment, the intended results and the experience of participants. The outcomes of this approach are transformative: including increased buy-in,, improved morale, better implementation and results that matter for your customers. Dendros has years of experience in providing:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Short and Long Term Planning
  • Project Retrospectives
  • Adaptive Planning
  • Environmental Scanning

Knowledge and Expertise Preservation

When key leaders and experts leave an organization, they often take years of wisdom and intelligence with them. Organizations risk significant disruption and failure as they try to replace this knowledge.

In partnership with Sagis Corporation, Dendros uses a proprietary, research-based knowledge transfer process, SagisSense™, to preserve and transfer critical knowledge in leadership transitions. In addition to documenting and transferring knowledge, this efficient and cost effective process produces lower on-boarding costs, faster startup time, less disruption and improved performance.

Executive Leadership Transition & Search

From crisis to stability– effective leadership transitions build on strengths, minimize distractions, and prepare organizations to thrive. Challenging times require a steady path. Loss of leadership or the need to restructure can be traumatic. The chaos that accompanies change may be an organization’s undoing – or it can lead to a renaissance.

Transitions cause confusion even in the most stable of organizations. A renewed sense of mission, strong staff morale, engaged stakeholders and a clear partnership between the board and leadership are important outcomes of a successful transition. Dendros has more than a decade of experience in providing:

  • Executive Interim Leadership
  • Organization Turn-Arounds and Crisis Management
  • Facilitating Mergers and Dissolutions
  • Executive Succession Planning
  • Board Directed Executive Search

Organizational Capacity Building

Resilience is the capacity of an enterprise or a community to withstand shock and tolerate chaos without collapsing. A resilient community or enterprise can withstand shocks, rebuild when necessary, and anticipate and plan for the future. Dendros’ focus on building strategies that increase interconnection builds resilience and decreases isolation and risk. lightbulb270px

Dendros will work with you to customize an effective work plan that builds resilience and increases your capacity. We offer our years of experience, our web of relationships and our expertise to the success of your project, whatever its size or complexity.

  • Program Evaluation
  • Program Development
  • Organizational Assessment
  • Board Development
  • Facilitation Skills Training
  • Organizational Development